Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The last weeks have been busy and a bit mixed up lately, so I just haven't written as much as usual. The family was in Kyoto for the week, and will be returning to our place tomorrow.

I got to spend time at my pottery class this morning, Chris and I spent a little time shopping and then took a late afternoon train ride to Enoshima (45 min away).

We've been told for the past couple weeks or more that we were in the middle of the rainy season here in Japan. Finally today we actually got rain. It may be the start of that really really rainy period we keep hearing about.

We arrived in Enoshima just in time for dinner so we found a place to eat near the ocean. The food turned out to be good. It was also great to hear/watch an English tv program while we were eating--even if it happened to be the teenage reality-drama show "The Hills"...strangely wonderful to just be able to understand everything.

ordering from the all-in-Japanese menu
"The Hills" in the background

lantern and dragon at the beginning of the bridge to Enoshima Island

us on the island

view from an area above on the island