Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Please go to and write your congressional representatives...the site has a letter all typed up for those who aren't sure what to say. All you need to do is include your contact information and press "send your message" and it will go to the right people.

This bill is bailing out those who got us into this them millions / billions and sticking us with the bill. Inflation will be INSANE if this passes, middle class will slip into the lower class and we will be signing away even more power to a very select few. If you haven't realized already with all these government buyouts / bailouts we are turning into a socialist country--we've already turned that corner. This is a very serious time in our history, and I as well as many others are beginning to understand that things are about to change rather drastically if something isn't done. What they (Paulson, Bernanke) are trying to avoid so desperately is a deflation and ultimate "Depression" (at least in their words). What they are seeing, and what many others are seeing, is that depression is likely inevitable at this point if we don't do something. As crazy as that may sound to some, we are turning that corner towards depression rather rapidly...surprisingly quicker than many originally thought. This is partially why they are so desperate to quickly "inflate". But their "motives" for inflating aren't quite what they seem... Rewarding those who lavishly fed these credit and housing bubbles into what they are today is just avoiding the deeper problem and prolonging a deflation. We might actually be able to have an "semi-orderly" deflation with another solution put in place.

I spend enough time on the internet (something I probably shouldn't be proud of) to know that people are restless and this feeling of distrust is growing very rapidly--distrust in banks, our government officials, and the status quo. I think more and more people are waking up to realize many of those in the most powerful positions really don't have our best interest at heart. We can do something and have a major impact on what happens. We can write history. Don't discredit what you can do. And don't "not do something" because you feel like it won't help.