Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Goodbye Blog

Last blog under wheninjapan... I actually may be starting up another blog not too long from now. I do enjoy it, just very indecisive about whether I really want to right now... Well, probably eventually :) and I'll link the new blog to this blog if I do start one.

Good news, Chris and I found a place to rent! And not just anyplace, but a place we could really live in for awhile and not feel rushed to purchase a house. We were driving along in this neighborhood we really like near a small downtown area and we came across a 'for rent' sign. I called the number and got the price (really good price too), then scheduled a time a couple hours later so we could see it.

The property manager met us at the property and we went in to view the place. And it gave me a similar 'wow' feeling to when we viewed the place we stayed at in Japan. It is a tri-plex that looks nothing like your typical tri-plex. It kind of looks like a house you'd find up in the Berkeley Hills. We were both wow'd and amazed to find it so we jumped on it! It eerily fits so many things that we'd really love in a rental and yet, would think would be close to impossible to find in one package... But hey, anything really is possible!

We're both really really excited. A couple more weeks of hotel living and we will be moving in!

Keep a look-out for a new blog link in the future and also will be sending out an email to let people know. Thanks everyone for reading :)