Friday, May 9, 2008

Lunch time

Just finished my Japanese lesson. We went over the "I am going" (itte imasu) verb form today.

...there are these tucks that pass through the streets with these VERY loud megaphones--people speaking something (I am told it is anti-foreigner sentiment) but since I don't understand most of it I don't really know. (Here they come around again in their truck...urggg) It happens often enough to where it's annoying now. And it just makes it feel like we're back in Nazi Germany! And I just want to throw things at the truck--like tomatoes or something... Sorry..I'm just annoyed. (And third time around again! geesh)

I am about to eat some lunch and head off to my pottery class. I "glazed" a vase I made and it should have been fired and should be ready to take home today. The last one I did didn't turn out as well as I would have liked. I'm hoping the vase turns out much better.

We're off to Italy next week! We've been planning this trip for over a year--we booked the trip before ever even knowing we would be coming to Japan. Italy is the one country I have always wanted to go to (if I visit any country in my life--it would be Italy), so it is a "dream" trip for me. We're both looking forward to a little site seeing, relaxing, and being surrounded by everything Italian. I should have Internet access so I may be able to upload photos while we are there (either to this blog or flickr), but not as often most likely. I'll include the flickr link on the blog if I post pictures on flickr.

So check back soon for Italy pics!

........................After pottery class..........................

Yay, the glaze turned out well! It looks much better than my previous glaze jobs.