Friday, May 2, 2008

Night in Nikko

It's Golden Week here in Japan (a string of Japanese holidays). Chris and I took a one night getaway to Nikko (2 hours north west of Tokyo). The town is surrounded by forest trees and has a large river that runs through it. It was great being someplace nature-y and relaxing.

Shinkansen (high-speed train) from the Tokyo station
all packed and ready to go

our bed and breakfast for the night
The bed and breakfast was right on the main river that runs through town. We stayed in a traditional Japanese room with tatami mats and floor futons for our bed. From our room you could hear the river rushing outside.

I saw quite a few of these purple flowers--just really pretty

the river

pagoda on local temple grounds

gate to the forestChris giving me a wink ;) or a...I'm tired, no more pictures
people's wishes / prayers tied to the tree branches

dragon water fountain

famous sacred bridge
restaurant we ate at with all walls and ceiling covered
with tokens from people from around the world who have eaten there (19 years worth)

hiking to Jakko Falls