Sunday, October 12, 2008

Karaoke 10-11

Saturday night we went for food and karaoke with a friend of mine from pottery and her husband. It was her birthday, so we brought cake too. We had a really good time--this was our first time going out as couples together.

土曜の夜は料理とカラオケの陶器と彼女の夫から私の友達と一緒に行きました。彼女の誕生日なので、ケーキを持っていた。私たちは本当に楽しい時間をしていた-これは私たちの最初の夫との時間を一緒に私たちも外に出ようとした。 (I was using google translator, but the translation might not be correct.)

Toshi and Kaolyn
Kaolyn's pottery -- a birthday present to me