Sunday, November 16, 2008

Roppongi Hills

Chris and I headed over to Roppongi Hills Sunday afternoon. A little rainy and cold--but we found some really nice shops to do some window-shopping and a cafe with the best juice ever. It was a guava-peach type combo which we may never come across again, but absolutely amazing juice (and neither of us have ever felt that way about a juice--of all things). We walked around quite a bit, then ate dinner at a really nice restaurant called "Botanica." It was a date night for us.

spider sculpture of some sort

Awwwe...I took many more pics... (animal shop)
Just so cute

outside of the shopping center
(many shopping centers in Japan are architecturally pretty amazing)

right outside the shopping center was a field of blue and white lights
sooo beautiful--never seen anything like it

we had to wait about 30 min for the restaurant to open
Chris playing the game "Risk" on his ipod

1st course -- really good salad

[skipped pictures of the courses in-between]

last course -- dessert