Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thailand ni ikimasu

Much excitement coming up so there will be a bit (more) of a lag in posting and then I should be posting pictures from our upcoming trip to Thailand (yay, yay!) not too long from now ;)

It was a relatively last-minute booking, and we wanted to go to another country while we're out here in Japan, so Thailand it is :) We'll be looking forward to summer weather and clear water...hopefully there won't be too much rain--that is a little unpredictable for this time of year.

Overview of lately--mostly working and relaxing. Our time is winding down here in Japan and now we're down to only a handful of weekends before we're headed back to the states. We're getting more and more excited about that too. --Lots of new things happening when we get back--I'll likely start a completely new blog separate from this one about our "lives in the U.S." but haven't decided yet.

Keep a look-out for coming pics, but expect a bit of a lag. I may still post before we leave--I'll see what happens.