Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, not too long until we head back to the U.S...we even have the date set already.

It's been an interesting, fun, hard, ... [many more adj here] year. What you see on the blog is a mixture of the everyday and the "event" like days where we got to go do, see, or eat something special. It's been interesting because we decided to make the year interesting :) We decided to take advantage of our time here and enjoy it as much as we could. I really enjoyed putting this blog together, both to be able to share with family and friends what we are doing here, and look back and see what we've been able to do during our time here. There is an element of narcissism that comes with writing a want others to enjoy it too and the thought of others enjoying what you put together (and the pictures you took) makes you feel good. Although, I think, if no one were to read this other than close friends and family and know that we are enjoying ourselves and doing well that would be perfect. With that said, I won't be continuing a blog after getting back to the U.S...I do enjoy some level of privacy and anonymity. And for those that are interested in how we are doing, please email us :) We would always be happy to hear from you.

We're both getting more excited about going back to the U.S. (along with some sad-mixed feelings too). But we hope to take some of our excitement for "experiencing life" that we've gained here, back with us to the U.S. and know that life can be anything (literally anything!) you want it to be. I think we have never believed that so strongly as we do after our time here. We could have never "dreamed this scenario" in our wildest dreams...and if you would have told us where we were going to be living and what we were going to be doing a few years previous to now--we would have laughed and thought it would be impossible. Maybe we got lucky this year...but can't hurt to have a strong belief that you really can do almost anything if you really want it.

More blogs still coming up until we leave :) We will be seeing a sumo wrestling match in the middle of January. That should be interesting to watch--very much Japanese.