Sunday, December 7, 2008

Trip out of Thailand

The trip out of Thailand really wasn't that bad. We got a little less sleep for it, but that was something we were able to quickly make up for once we got back to Japan.

We took vans a little over half of the way down to Kuala Lumpur. We met a few people we were traveling with--one girl was on a two month trip--going on various tours in southeast Asia. She was from the UK and looked about our age. She had visited Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and was headed to Borneo for 10 days. The trip down into Malaysia was actually pre-planned for her (not something unexpected because of the Bangkok airport shutdown). Another couple we met was from the UK and "on holiday" :) They were planning on staying near Kuala Lumpur for a few days before flying back home.

Scenery on the drive down included flooded rice fields, dense forests of palm trees and other tropical trees, small towns, and oxen or cows grazing in people's front yards or in the grassy center divide. From what we saw of Malaysia on the taxi ride over to the airport it was very very dense with palm trees--that was interesting to see. About half of the trip was in the dark--so missed some things.

type of vans we rode in

flooded street in Thailand

waiting in line (video a bit dark)

tried taking video of the guy who kept standing
way too close to Chris--
every time we inched forward (video a bit dark)