Wednesday, April 30, 2008

International food

Chris and I got to spend a little time with Adam and Aki while they were in Tokyo to finish up the last of the interviews for Aki's visa. And guess what, Aki got the visa! They are all set go to the U.S. .

Petting Pleo the robotic dinosaur

Chris and I walked to the brick buildings not far from where we live. It's the first time either of us had gone inside. Lots and lots of little shops and restaurants. There is no shortage of shopping here! I can't stress that enough--if you have money to spend and love shopping this is the place for you. When first coming here I was a little turned off by all the stores (felt like too many--consumerism gone mad), but even so, the stores are fun to look through. Many are not the typical stores you would find in the U.S. (i.e. strip mall-like with generic mass-produced cheap looking products), but really artistic and unique very good quality items. I've decided that even though I don't buy much if anything the stores are fun to look through.

accidental cell phone photo shot of the ground
Chris and I went to the International Food Fair at a local International school in Yokohama. My pottery teacher invited us as his daughter attends the school. There were most likely more foreigners there than we've seen altogether since we've been in Japan. Lots of good food--really great guacamole and chips, Indian food, lamp chops New Zealand style, Korean barbecue, a chewy brownie(!) and cupcake with chocolate frosting. The event was much bigger than we thought it would be and there was plenty of food to choose from. There is International Food Fair at a different International school on Sunday--we might just pay a visit :)

There were a few restaurants right out of older houses in the Motomachi/Yamate area. It was a cute area with older homes. The picture below is one of those restaurants.