Friday, July 11, 2008

air conditioning and robots

It's gotten much hotter and humid here in the last week or so--which I imagine will only increase over the next several weeks. We've been enjoying the luxury of air conditioning much more lately. I think in general I still like humid weather (I'm a strange one--I kind of like the humidity), but I after a whole summer of this I may appreciate the dry hot weather much more when back in California.

Chris is working on his robot right now--he recently bought a robotics set that will allow him to make a robot. It's cool in that he can program it to do what he wants (with some limitations). He's really enjoying it. He's still very dedicated to learning Japanese too--much more dedicated than I am! :) As for myself, I've taken a short break from pottery (a couple weeks)--more so because things have been busy lately and my work schedule often prevents me going on Fridays. So either I go on Saturday morning or not at all. I think next Friday will be open though, so it's a good chance for me to go. I enjoy it, but not to the point where I see it as a dedicated life-long hobby--at least not yet. I'd like to try the electric wheel soon though (I haven't tried that yet). I'm the type of person that dabbles a little here and a little there. I like trying things and then giving them a break and then coming back to them again later (sometimes months or more later).

Both Chris and I are starting to miss California. I'm starting to miss family (dad, mom, brother) and friends, and there is quite a bit going on right now in the states to pull us back. There is still the chance of getting extended to stay here longer, but I don't know...I think we might be back when we said we will. Housing prices are moving lower and lower, and the houses we can afford keep looking better and better. Although gas and food prices in the states will probably keep rising...and who knows how things will look by the time we get back to the states. It's hard to believe that gas was around $3.40 a gallon before we left for Japan at the beginning of January and now it's pushing above $4.40--a dollar hike in only 6 months! We have enjoyed using the trains here though and we walk a whole lot more than we used to.

I think we'll head outside for a bit and grab some lunch. It's about that time.