Saturday, July 26, 2008

News and Pottery

Foreclosure news, stock market news, banking news, etc etc...there's no end to the news that keeps us tied to the computer--to Internet world. Every once in awhile I'll ask Chris to make me promise not to look at news sites for, say, a week, or a month, or some amount of time. It's my way of restricting myself from looking at all the bad news available online. Looking at all that news can become addicting for me. I can get so wrapped up in news, particularly news predictions (news or blog-news articles that try to foresee what may be coming ahead). Chris has gotten a bit wrapped up too lately, so he restricted himself lately also. We decided to lift our ban on news sites last night--so we got a "healthy" dose of news before bed ;)

Chris wanted to come see my pottery class today (first time)--which surprised me but I was really happy to have him there. He made himself a bowl. It's not quite done, but turned out really well so far.

It is VERY humid outside. I went outside with our camera and the lens fogged up almost right away! It's in the upper 70's today, so not as hot as it could be. I guess we'll just wait to see what it's like when it's upper 90's and this humid :P