Monday, July 21, 2008

Incredibly Sleepy

I am so sleepy right now. A few days ago when I felt this sleepy I took a two hour nap which felt amazing at the time but was a really bad idea because I took the nap at 4 pm...messed up my sleep a bit for the night. We're about to head out to eat dinner with one of Chris's co-workers whom he's never met before. He's another U.S. transplant who's on an international assignment out here. I think we'll be eating at Sizzler's which should be really interesting--neither of us have eaten there in a long, long time. We'll see if they still have that yummy parmesan crusted bread that we used to like so much, and if it's still yummy. We have higher hopes for restaurants in Japan so good chance this Sizzler is at least decently good.

Today has been a very low-key Monday. It's a national holiday here in Japan (Marine Day) so Chris had today off, and today is my day off by default since I work four days a week. We haven't used our balcony much because there's just nothing on it :) so we decided to go searching for a couple outdoor-friendly chairs. We did find ourselves some pretty comfy chairs so we can now sit on our balcony. Rest of the day was spent cleaning, lounging, and watching Friends episodes.