Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sizzler, Jazz and an Earthquake

We did go to Sizzler's Monday night with a guy who works at Chris's company. Unfortunately they didn't have the Parmesan crusted bread :( I ordered chicken that came with side of potatoes--actually very good food. And then we could get what we wanted at the salad bar--not so good food. It was much more expensive than the Sizzler's in the states, so we very likely won't go back. We can find better food elsewhere.

We went to a Jazz club afterwards. A friend of the guy was the singer for the night. She was very good. I have to say--the Jazz music was really good. The piano player was amazing. And even though I don't listen to Jazz music that often, it was much better than much of the Jazz music I have heard (minus some of the legendary Jazz bands). While we were sitting around talking there was an earthquake--a bit of a surprise. Must have been a good size earthquake--lamps were swaying, trees outside were shaking. The center very likely wasn't Yokohama. This is the third earthquake we've felt since we've been in Japan.