Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Familiar Faces

There is very old man who lives in our building who always wears a collared white dress shirt and nice pants...he walks with his back bent forward. We usually see him walking around outside the stores below our building, in the conbini reading (aka convenient store), or in our building elevator. Once we saw him getting a neck massage from one of the department store bellboys who helped him carry his groceries :)
There are two blind men that go to work together on the train I usually take in the morning. When they get off the train, one always puts his hand on the other one's shoulder and they walk together. I can always depend on them being on the same train, in the same train car.

I look forward to familiar people and familiar things so much more now because there has been so much that has been so unfamiliar here. I miss the familiarity, so any I can get is a bonus. Being someplace completely new is exciting, but I need the familiar around me too. I don't think I would really like non-stop traveling. I used to think it would be amazing to travel all around the world--6 months, a year, or some amount of time, but I think I would want to stay in the same place for awhile in order to gain "familiarity" with what (and who) is around me. Somehow I think the familiar keeps us grounded--it keeps us in reality. The people and the things we surround ourselves with everyday can do a lot to help us feel at home and that we belong right where we are.