Friday, February 15, 2008

Arabian Night

I was looking for a unique restaurant for Valentine's and came across an Arabic restaurant in Yokohama. A short train ride and 10 minute walk led us to the below-street-level restaurant Al Ain. It was a quiet night--only us and two other couples in the restaurant.

The chef took our order, and over the span of a couple hours we got each course of our seven course meal. The food was very good! Each course had a distinct taste. Overall it was just a relaxing night to sit, eat and talk--we left full and happy. You know the feeling when you're full from eating really good food, you've had a fun night and you are getting really sleepy because it's late?

restaurant web site

each bite had very distinct tastes
(but...I think I ate a couple before taking the picture..sorry)
lamb and chicken
pilaf dish

just enjoying the night