Friday, February 15, 2008

What to do, What to do

I had a job interview today!

Unfortunately I can't say it went well...I did everything I could have done, but before I could get very far into the interview it felt I was being dissuaded from working there. It seems many of the Japanese have a way of saying no without actually saying "no." How do they say no without saying "no"? I was given handouts of other English schools to work at and told I should call them, I was told there are other employees that need the money more than I do since my husband is supporting me and because my husband is supporting me I would only be given a couple days of work at the most, I was told the pay was minimal (which it is) and given subtle hints that I would get better pay elsewhere.

Even though I believe I was discouraged from even wanting to take the job. After interacting with the kids, I realized how "out-of-practice" I am interacting with kids. I really enjoyed working with autistic pre-school aged kids when I worked for the school district in the U.S...but somehow I'm thinking "teaching" English to young kids is different. I'm not a super talkative person, and the manager made it out as though you need to constantly talk to the group of kids so they will pick up English. I do great one-on-one, constant talking is a bit hard for me even one-on-one, but leading groups of kids...not what I normally like doing...or should I say, slightly out of my comfort zone.

I'm also in the middle of a quest for classes to take... Pottery, painting, tai chi, wind surfing, almost anything! The hard part is finding classes where they are taught in English in Yokohama, and finding the one's in English that are still currently offering classes. I'm getting closer to finding one at least, but in the meantime, I'm running into obsticles. The time-at-home is starting to wear on me (having little 'scheduled' time gets old quickly) so I need something soon!

Ahhh, enough writing for now. Time to do dishes.