Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Foggy Wintery Day

It just started to snow! It's light right now, and may be a little too warm outside for it to actually stick to the ground, but it's nice to see falling.

We just got the TV and the DVD player that we rented. Right now we have about 7 local Japanese channels. We have the option to get "Cable" (for English channels), but I think we'll stick to what we have. We will likely use the TV for movies mostly, and we'll get to learn some Japanese from watching the local channels.

Good news for me, making dinners has come much easier lately! I still "throw" things together, but everything has been really good. I've been buying more seafood. Our stove comes equipped with a fish griller. From what I understand, most Japanese households have a fish griller. For our fish griller, we sick the fish in, press a button and it comes out perfectly every time! We've come to realize our stove (stove top and griller) is pretty smart. It knows when a pan is getting too hot and regulates itself. It also knows the exact amount of time the fish needs to cook in the griller. ::Jetson's theme song running through my head:: Ohhh, side note, I made pasta last night (yes again) with Gorgonzola sauce and baby sea scallops--a cool tip: dill is a great seasoning to go with this dish!! I have Trader Joe's dry dill seasoning, but I'd imagine fresh dill would give even more of a fresh kick to the dish. Anyway, it was very good. A white pasta sauce with dill seems to be a good combination.

This past weekend, Honda (our friend from the Tokyo area) came over and brought a lot of snacks with him. Here are just a few for those interested in seeing some of the Japanese snacks:

Freeze dried? Apples with Styrofoam consistency--still taste good

Cream of Corn potato chips--yes, they taste like cream of corn

Very similar to Cheetos, but more flavor