Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunshine on the Water

It's morning. Sunny. Water glistening. Piano music playing in the background.

I came across an interesting site lately, some here may know of Etsy.com? It's like eBay, but everything that is sold is handmade. I love anything artistic so this site is a lot of fun for me to look through. For those who enjoy making items it might be a great site to sell your "artsy" items on if you are looking to sell (e.g. paintings, soap, jewelry, almost anything!). I also came across a piano CD made by someone named Justin Geer (22 years old). I have the piano music playing in the background right now from his site, www.myspace.com/songsfromapianob. I love piano music, and this music definitely ranks among the most relaxing piano music I've heard out there.

Speaking of art, I finally found an open pottery class in English in Yokohama! I've never taken a pottery class, but it sounds like it will be fun. I love almost anything artistic and this might be a good chance to meet other people too. I'm hoping to start class on Thursday so you should hear from me by the end of the week on how the first class went.

This past weekend, Chris and I headed over to Ginza--another famous shopping area--big surprise there huh? ...Sorry to sound a little cynical, I'm getting a slightly skewed (or maybe not?) view of Japan as shopping-centric...We need to go see some non-shopping areas of Japan (e.g. temples, parks, etc). Oh, and we also got to see the Tokyo station (very big!) and I had my encounter with a Japanese toilet in the Tokyo station... If you are really interested in seeing what a Japanese toilet is you can see a picture here: www.thejapanesepage.com/culture/toilets.htm. I prefer the western toilet version. Anyway, we mostly walked around a little in Ginza, ate lunch and headed back home, but here are some pics from our day there: