Monday, March 10, 2008

Moonlight, Music and Money

It's overcast, rainy, and dark...close to being completely dark outside with the soccer stadium lights reflecting off the water below. The caution lights on the top of the bridge are blinking, golden lights from street lamps and buildings are glowing in the distance, the roar motorcycles and rushing of cars can be heard passing on the street below. Sometimes we can see stars in the sky on clear nights, but usually only a few at best. Having all these windows to look out, but being surrounded by city lights makes it extra hard to view anything in the night sky. The one time I have been able to see thousands of stars was in Mexico. I imagine it must be amazing for those who are able to view so many stars every night--and for those who are really interested in astronomy--it must be heaven.

No pics as of the last couple days, but I have some interesting links to share.

Chris and I went to the Blue Rock Shoot (in Saratoga) a couple years ago and one of the performers sang the most happy unique songs about physics and science. You're probably in the world can songs about science be interesting and remotely good? But really, they are catchy and educational too! We hadn't heard the songs since, until I did a search and found their band named "Nerd Band" on myspace. You can hear four of their songs on their web site Their songs "Don't go" and "Physics song" are particularly cute. The recording quality isn't the best, and they are so much better to listen to in person, but you have to hear their songs--very creative!

Also, with all the recent dollar-crash talk, mortgage mess, etc...I came across a google layman's video worth checking out all about the banking system and how it works. For those (like myself) who may not have a good picture of how everything works relating to our money and banks it's worth checking out. It's long, but interesting to watch. A small word of caution for some, it is slightly biased towards socialism (you'll notice it towards the end), but it still gives very useful information about the creation of money and the banking system. You can find it here: