Saturday, March 1, 2008

Walking and Running for President

We ate breakfast with Chris's co-worker and wife this morning at their place (the ones who live in our building). They cooked really good waffles with fruit and jam, eggs and bacon. We then took quite a long walk around the area and beyond...a good 5 or 6 miles to the Motomachi area. They showed us quite a few different places we could buy quality inexpensive fruits and veggies and various things in the area. We bought some produce, got a quick drink and bite at a local cafe, and then headed for home while they stayed in the area. --Chris's homework time

Japanese lessons are going well! I'm just starting to be able to make sentences, and hear more Japanese words around me that I recognize. I still have a long way to go before becoming remotely conversational, but it's coming... :) Chris just started his Japanese class--he's taking it a couple nights a week here at home.

I've been very wrapped up in "researching" various subjects over the past week (again). I say "again" because I'm known to be a research junkie--that is, I love researching and learning about different topics (a research addict at times). I haven't honed in on one topic in particular to research or learn about, but feeling the freedom as of lately to just look at all sorts of different ideas, topics, events, etc.

I've been listening to the presidential debates (democratic) on and finally getting some idea of what the candidates stand for. I can't say I'm a democrat or republication or anything for that matter...and I'm not yet sure how I will vote, but Barack catches my attention and it's more than just his ability to speak (yes, he is a great speaker). As a person, he seems genuine most of the time--you can get a vibe from people who are being genuine and those who are not. Hillary on the other hand, comes across as fake most of the time. She seems like she would be a very hard person to get along with--very hard-edged even though she tries to come across as kind, likable and vulnerable during the debates. She's definitely a fighter and though she may not be likable as a person, she would be hard-edged enough not to take no for an answer as the president (that can be good or bad). Unfortunately, I think Barack's weakness is that he is genuine and someone who wants to "build bridges"...which is wonderful, but maybe he is too idealistic for the White House? Then again, maybe we need more idealism in our government. We've become so disenchanted with government as cold, ignorant and completely detached from our lives...(at least that is how I feel) But I don't know if Washington is the place for "building bridges"--I would almost wonder if he would be in for a rude awakening.

Even though Barack is currently ahead, I am skeptical that he will become the democratic nominee. I think Hillary will pull out any and all guns necessary to win--I hate to say it, but at almost any cost. I don't know how she is going to do it at this point, but I wouldn't be surprised if she became the democratic nominee and there was a scandal at a much later date pointing to her nomination as a fraud or strings were pulled to get her into the White House... Ahh..just my thoughts. If I could vote for someone I really wanted in the White House it would be Ron Paul, but he doesn't really have a chance of winning :(