Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pizza Cone

After my pottery class I bought my first pizza cone. It may not look that great in the pictures below, but it tasted really good. It's a great on-the-go food--you can eat your pizza without even getting your hands messy. Ironically or not, people in Japan don't eat "on-the-go"'s a no-no here to eat while you are walking or to eat in public (except in designated food establishments). It's not against the law or anything, it's just a social restriction. There have been a few times where Chris and I have boughten food, but there is just no place to eat it! We usually end up standing in a corner awkwardly someplace while trying to eat or drink what we've just boughten. There are very few benches or places to sit in places we've come across so far. I assume they do this to prevent people from "loitering" or even sitting and eating in public. That's one thing that annoys both Chris and I about Japan so far--very few public places to sit.