Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Saturday in Kamakura

Good news--we got the power cord! Now I have a computer during the day AND can finally upload pictures.

Chris and I spent Saturday in Kamakura--a 30 minute train ride from where we live. We took some time to go see the local gardens and temples.

garden entrance gate

lots of beautiful flowers

cute little statues

one of the temples

something that you hold and walk around with
(someone else know what it is?)

Chris meandering through the bamboo

H2O to wash your hands

largest statue of Buddha in existence

our chocolate and green tea ice cream treat

After walking a bit we arrived at the beach.

fisherman 'shanty towns' on the beach

Chris gets comfortable

After laying our blanket out, relaxing and soaking in the view of the ocean, we are approached by a young Japanese man with a camera asking in Japanese if he could take pictures of us. We said sure...or "Hai" and he snapped away several pictures of us at different angles. We kept smiling...a couple times looking at each other like, "What do we do, pose or act natural?" Hopefully he got the shot he wanted.

dark sand

sleepy man

beginner surfers trying to surf the barely-there waves