Monday, April 14, 2008

Blue water

I watched 'Under the Tuscan Sun' this afternoon...partially for some inspiration before our upcoming trip to Italy, but also because it's good reminder for me make conscious decisions to do something different with life. Even being in Japan (someplace very new!) I get into this comfortable place of just doing the same 'ole same 'ole... "Same ole same ole" for me is not being conscious of what I'm doing--being on autopilot. You can be "doing things" but still be on autopilot and never really experiencing what you're in the middle of. Not only can life get stagnant if you don't make a conscious decision to "do something" you really enjoy or doing something new, but also for not being completely aware of what you're doing. So, it's just a good reminder for me to think about what I choose to do and enjoy it when I'm doing it.

There is a filming crew below our building...not sure what it is for. Strange thing here is there could be famous people walking around at any time, but Chris and I would never know who they were :)

Filming crew below our building