Monday, April 7, 2008

Still sick...

It's Monday here now and I'm going on 5 days of being sick. Chris seems to be feeling better for the most part.

I thought sure enough I would feel much better by the weekend, but 'feeling better' seems to come and go. Today I feel worse. Thankfully no fever right now, but my throat still hurts a bunch. Then I discovered when looking at my tonsils I very well may have strep or mono...or something similar. I set another appointment for tomorrow morning at the same clinic I canceled with last week. I've been trying to sleep a lot, drink lots of water and tea, take vitamins, and hope for the best. Normally after all these health-regimen doings I would have felt better, but not this time.

I realize now maybe I was a little harsh in saying going to general health practitioners is a waist. I think I've been mostly frustrated with the doctor's I've seen at the generalization is a bit uncalled for. And maybe I'll have a positive experience tomorrow with the doctor. It would be nice for a change not to feel as though I have to painfully pull information out of the doctor.

One thing different about being in Japan is that Chris has gotten sick way more than he ever has in the states. When maybe he would get sick once a year at most (and it would be mild)--he's gotten sick at least 3 times since we've been here. And talking with Adam and sounds as though they have gotten sick fairly often too. Is it a Japan thing? Is everyone sick here much more often? Maybe our bodies just aren't used to Japan-bugs...maybe different strains have something to do with it?

On a completely different note...I wanted to plug the 'Miss USA pageant' that will air this Friday night 9 pm ET on NBC (April 11th). I rarely watch the yearly Miss America, Miss Teen, and Miss USA pageants, (at least not since I was a lot younger) but I have a cousin running! She is Elisabeth Crawford Miss Michigan. Hopefully she'll make the top 15 at very least (otherwise you won't see much of her since it sounds as though they narrow the contestants down to 15 at the very beginning of the show). I think she has a good chance! So, if you are able and get a chance to tune in, maybe you'll see her make it down to the top contestants chosen to move on.