Saturday, April 26, 2008

Shopping in Shibuya

Chris and I spent the afternoon and part of the night in Shibuya shopping. Some of the pictures are out-of-order--blogger won't let me copy-paste them in the order they should be right now. Ah, and most of the pictures are taken by Chris this time :) It was a full day of going in and out of clothing stores, but we found some things we needed and most things at ok prices. Clothing is just more expensive here--we've sort of given in to it.

great style in Shibuya--don't you think?
cool effect with the bluring in the background

entering a restaurant for dinner
store dedicated to everything ballet related
small fashion show in a shopping center

clothing section like a museum
very busy at night in Shibuya

Remember the taping of the "Walking" commercial I caught on film? Here it is!