Wednesday, April 16, 2008


It's starting to feel warm and humid outside--a nice change from the cold and rainy weather lately. And for the first time I noticed insects out--ants and a ladybug! Who knew I would be so happy to see insects, but I don't recall seeing any since we've been here. Being in the city though, I guess I wouldn't see many.

After dinner at home last night, Chris and I went out in search of someplace to eat dessert. I have been craving really good brownies so I had my mind set on brownies. We ran into the couple we know in our building as we were walking towards the train station and they suggested a place with good brownies.

Chris ordered a slice of chocolate cream pie and I ordered the brownies and ice cream. Both were very good. The brownies weren't as chocolate-y and gooey as I was hoping, but temporarily satisfied my craving for brownies. I'm still craving the gooey ones though...I'll have to keep looking for those.