Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Morning

Due to being sick, pottery class and Japanese class were pushed off until yesterday (Friday).

I was surprised to see that both of my cups had already been fired... I hadn't finished dipping one of my pieces--as you can tell from the missing color on the bottom half of one of them :)

Chris studying Japanese right now

The doctor called me yesterday with the results of the throat culture he took. Turns out I didn't have strep, but something called haemophilus influenza. The doctor said the antibiotics should have taken care of it, and he seemed to be happy I was feeling better and I didn't have any other symptoms other than a cough. Looking up what it actually was scared me a little's associated with meningitis and pneumonia and it sounds fairly uncommon--or at least that is the impression I got from reading about it. Chris says he's feeling a lot better, but we both have the same type of cough. We usually just have it after 5 pm and early in the morning, but not during the day. I'm hoping it goes away for both of us soon. Any doctors reading this? :) I assume if we keep feeling better we should be fine right?