Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bye bye hotel, hello new place

Some pics this morning in our hotel room right before heading to our new place.

Chris giving me a quick smile before getting lost in the sports section

Me taking pictures in the mirror

So we moved into our new place with all our suitcases. Stuck the suitcases in our new bedroom closet and then we're instructed on how to "use" our new home. This "home" is much more complicated than you would think. There are hi-tech buttons everywhere and all in Japanese. Lots of buttons for the stove, about 6 different remotes with lots of buttons, buttons for lights and buttons for the toilet, complicated buttons for the washer/dryer, and buttons that we're told "Don't press!". I figure we'll keep pressing different buttons until we figure out what they do...have to learn somehow. We just have to remember which buttons are the ones we can't press. Other than the huge number of buttons to control everything, our place is pretty amazing.

After finishing up the instruction session we headed to apply for our alien registration cards (what we will be carrying around instead of our passports) and then applied for a Japanese bank account. We finished up around 4 pm exhausted (explanation...we've been waking up at 4 am because we've been going to bed at 8 pm), but decided we needed food so we had our first official grocery buying experience. EXPENSIVE! Of course we went shopping at the place near where we are living which happens to be a very upscale grocery place below a mall of upscale stores--so I guess we should expect 'expensive'. I'll have to do some hunting for cheaper grocery places.

Chris' dinner

Chris happily cooking his dinner (explaination: I'm vegitarian--so I don't buy and cook meat that often)

We're both really exhausted right now, but we have to stick it out till at least 10 pm.

Urggg...Chris tells me it's only 7:30 pm.

Sleep sounds so good right now....