Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday Past

Adam and Aki arrive Sunday morning around 9 am tired from the long bus ride, but ready to go out and do things. From one of my walks earlier in the week, I saw a building which I assumed to be an aquarium (pictures of sea creatures on the outside) so we decided to walk to the aquarium.

building with sea creatures
walking to the building with sea creatures

After getting much closer to the building we realize that there is a big "P" painted on the side of the same building. It's not an aquarium, it's a parking garage. So...we decide to walk in another direction--towards an area we are a little more familiar with. We go off in search of riding the huge Ferris wheel not too far from us.

On our way to the Ferris wheel we come across a street performer. He is a foreigner who speaks (from what I can tell) perfect Japanese with a large crowd of adults and kids watching him juggle.

After watching his juggling act we continue on our way to the Ferris wheel. It is reportedly the largest Ferris wheel in the world, but may just be the largest in Japan (I may have my facts completely wrong here). The Ferris wheel is actually a part of an amusement park right by the Yokohama Bay.