Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pictures of Buttons

Buttons, buttons and more buttons. We're getting more used to all the buttons in our place. I thought I'd include pictures of some of them in case someone else is interested in seeing all the buttons. And besides, I don't have many pictures of the outside surroundings lately because it's just so cold to stay out for very long or to venture far :)

The interface above is in our bathroom sink room (separate from shower and bath). These buttons regulate the temperature in the shower/bath room. You can see most of the buttons in Japanese have a sticker below for us English speakers.

In order to get any hot water in our place, we have to turn the gas to our place "on and off" when we want the hot water. You can see the "on/off" button in the lower left hand corner in the picture above. These buttons regulate how hot you would like the sink water (kitchen, bathroom, etc) and bath water (in Celsius). There is even an auto-fill button for the bathtub on the lower right (press it, water fills up and it stops at the level you specify). <--I think that button is pretty cool.

Ooo! The bidet toilet buttons. You can wash yourself in ways you never imagined! I personally haven't used these buttons yet, but I think Chris is sold on them. He describes it as a "car wash" for your nether-region :) Hehe. ...I'll try it eventually...but it just seems so strange for someone who has never used one, doesn't it?

The below buttons are some emergency buttons we are not supposed to press--of course, unless it is an emergency and we want a squad of people knocking down our door.
These buttons are in 4 different locations in our place!