Saturday, January 26, 2008

Officially Aliens

Chris and I got our alien cards this morning (our "official" IDs that we carry around instead of our passports). We did some grocery shopping this morning also, and now it's homework for Chris and writing for me. I think we'll try to go out and do something tonight. We still need to figure out what we can do at night around here though besides karaoke and eating. We noticed the stores close really early here. Most retail stores close around 8 pm. You would think in a big city like this the stores would close much later.

Thursday and Friday night we spent watching "The Island" (awesome movie!). It's the one movie we brought with us, and it never gets old of all the times we've watched it. Chris brought his set of 4 small speakers and sub-woofer which we've set up and attached to the computer to get some amazing sound! There is a mass of cords going everywhere, but music and the movie sounds so much fuller.

Random pic #1
As of recently, I've developed a new love for milk tea (pic below). Good stuff!

Random pic #2
One of many vending machines you'll see around the city:

I'll write more later.

Time for a cheese and cracker snack break.