Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Morning Snow

We woke up to snow this morning! A nice surprise! :)

There was about two hours worth of snow flurries and it just recently turned into a slushy rain.

The movers also came this morning and just left about 10 minutes ago. We've been waiting on about 500 lbs worth of our things that were flown over. Today will be spent sorting, organizing and finding everything a place.

I just heard about Heath Ledger's death! Very sad to hear. It was a possible suicide or OD. For those who might not know, he was a fairly famous actor, only 28 years old. Sadly he left behind a very young daughter.

On the outside some people may look like they have it all, but 'having it all' doesn't have anything to do with being happy with yourself. All the stuff we have can't define us. It seems many people try to make their things or wealth define who they are, and because these things are shallow and temporary, things can't offer any real happiness. I think that idea is even more real to me now...On the surface, I never believed 'money brings happiness' so I never thought the 'pursuit of money' was very important in life, and having a brief taste of (what feels like) the "good life" really shows that belief true. No matter where you are in life, money or no money, the money doesn't change your true state of happiness or contentment. You can be happy and just-getting-by or happy and well-to-do. You can be miserable and just-getting-by or miserable and well-to-do. Ideally and realistically we'll rise and fall very little between the happy-highs and sad-lows, mostly staying level within happy-contentment. If you stay on a roller coaster long enough, you'll get sick.

Time to organize :)